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SummitGround® Connect

SummitGround® Connect partners with highly professional and continuously vetted chauffeur driven suppliers, who are able to provide multiple vehicle types, from business car service, to buses and all vehicles in between, allowing our clients access to high quality suppliers globally.


SummitGround® Connect continuously verifies that these suppliers and their drivers are complying with a host of requirements, including duty of care, drivers drug and alcohol testing, fingerprint background checks and ongoing driver training, licensing and insurance requirements. In today's environment and resulting from Covid- 19, equally important is the duty of health and wellness. SummitGround® Connect continuously verifies that the highest levels of safety protocols are being met and delivered, the ongoing financial viability of the suppliers, along with a number of other factors that are so important in today's ever changing world.

SummitGround® Connect is being used by a number of our clients, allowing us to to build significant volume in locations across the globe. This has meant we are able to establish pricing which is typically not available to just anyone. SummitGround® Connect, also includes a rigorous validation and verification process on all rides, ensuring  savings on incorrect billing overcharges.

Integrated with our SummitGround® software-as-a-service, employees can easily book and pay for car service, aligned with their company's policy and procedures and at any global location. Vehicle types include business and premium service, taxi, on demand service and even environmentally friendly vehicles, such as hybrid and electric.  Further, SummitGround® Connect can be available in all geographic areas, or in select areas using the clients' preferred suppliers in key locations.

Equally important to the access of highly and continuously vetted car service suppliers, we take responsibility for any associated vendor management, seamlessly dealing with customer service incidents and easing the burden on the client with regards to managing this and general customer service activities. 


SummitGround® Connect  is truly a turnkey service using technology, mobility and vetting, from the initial booking process to the billing and payment cycle, providing the client with a complete piece of mind. 

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