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Our Core Values

At SummitQwest we empower organizations to think differently, and to succeed differently.  We work with them to optimize business processes through innovative use of technology and thought.

SummitQwest was founded on a set of guiding principles to govern the way we conduct ourselves and our business. These values serve as the cornerstone to our company, and by adhering to them we do what is right for our clients, what is right for our employees, and what is right for our stakeholders.

We continue to maintain these core values each and every day:

  • Integrity - the basis of our relationships between our clients, our employees, our business partners, and with ourselves and each action we take.

  • Contribution - understanding what "success" is and providing continuing, evolving, innovative value & support to our clients, our business partners, our employees, and ourselves with their achievement of success.

  • Thought Leadership - forward, diverse, innovative, point of view leading to contribution to clients, employees, business partners, and ourselves.

  • Growth - achieving significant, sustainable, consistent, and  profitable growth by empowering ourselves and others to identify opportunities, take risks and accept accountability, and ultimately make an impact.

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