Our Core Values

SummitQwest was founded on a set of guiding principles to govern the way we conduct ourselves and our business. These values serve as the cornerstone to our company, and by adhering to them we do what is right for our clients, and what is right for our employees and our shareholders.

We continue to maintain these core values in their original form:

  • Conducting ourselves and our business to the highest ethical standards

  • Doing what’s right for our clients

  • Sharing risk with our clients

  • Producing business-driven results with our clients

  • Focusing on quality

  • Providing timely business solutions

  • Pricing our services fairly

  • Treating each employee with respect

  • Providing a rewarding and challenging environment for our employees

  • Helping our employees achieve balance with their personal lives

  • Actively participating individually and corporately in our local communities

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