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Our Leadership Team

CEO and founder of SummitQwest. Jeff brings over 30 years of experience in the management consulting industry and has been leading SummitQwest toward its vision since 1998. It is Jeff's belief that for SummitQwest to achieve its vision, SummitQwest must continually provide the highest level of quality and client satisfaction while providing a rewarding and challenging environment for its employees and a significant return to its shareholders.

President of SummitQwest, Aaron leads many of SummitQwest's client engagements. Aaron heads our team of dedicated staff ensuring the smooth operation of SummitQwest and the highest quality services to our clients by bringing strong analytical experience with deep thinking, a detailed understanding of our solutions and client requirements, and in-depth industry expertise.

Director of UK and EMEA operations, Jonathan drives SummitQwest's international growth and development.  An innovative, energetic and proactive leader with a proven track record and over 30 years experience within the global corporate travel industry, Jonathan engages with both our clients and our prospective clients as SummitQwest expands across the globe.

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