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SummitGround® Online Reservations

The SummitGround® booking solution is a real time online reservation software-as-a-service that integrates you with your car providers. SummitGround® eliminates the hours spent calling for ride reservations and waiting for confirmations. Every transaction is quickly and easily handled online! Now order rides and receive confirmations in real- time—faster than ever before. It’s efficient and convenient plus passengers can book their own rides from any internet access terminal.

  • Real-time booking of rides—eliminates the need for telephone reservations

  • Increased accuracy of reservations

  • Improved efficiency of reservation process

  • Access to multiple car services through one interface

  • Real-time validation and verification of client information

  • Ability to enforce travel and business policies


SummitGround® supports all online reservation channels including as a self-service tool (from your desktop or via our mobile apps), as a travel agency solution (via our Sabre Red App and other travel agency solutions), and through integration with your corporate travel online booking tool (such as through our Concur and other booking tool interfaces.)

SummitGround®'s online booking component seamlessly interfaces within the other modules of SummitGround® — our innovative software-as-a service that integrates process, people and technology to deliver measurable business benefits including cost savings and a better passenger experience. SummitGround® captures 100% of transaction details, automates critical business processes, and significantly reduces the need for paper and audits.

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